Labor and Employment

While not a hotbed for labor issues, we have seen our fair share of employment issues on the Outer Banks since 1995.  If you own a business and have questions about how to properly handle employment matters or if you are an employee with questions about your rights under the federal and state statutes, we can help.

We have represented both corporations and individuals regarding employment disputes.  From the employer’s perspective, we assist with drafting contracts, severance agreements, handbooks and offer general counsel regarding various labor and employment compliance issues.  Particularly over the past few years, wage and hour issues, both on the federal and state level, have kept us busy.  With regard to representing employers, Mr. Harrison has represented a company with approximately 2,500 employees for the past 20 years.  In that capacity, he has defended sexual harassment lawsuits, wage and hour class actions, retaliation cases, and other wrongful discharge cases throughout the country.

From the employee’s perspective, we provide guidance and counseling regarding termination or payment issues.  Over the past couple of years, we have prosecuted breach of contract cases, sexual harassment cases, and other wrongful termination matters.